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Video for Depositions and Trials


Video Depositions

 The number one question attorneys ask us is, "How long is the tape?" No one wants an important line of questioning interrupted by a tape change. We get it. We are phasing in new tapeless digital video recording at all of our locations. The benefits include:

  • No tape changes!
  • Fewer breaks, fewer interruptions
  • Higher quality video

We provide MPEG 4 video files to all of our clients, offer Video Synchronization(Side-by-side viewing of the video and written transcript), and can produce any other format upon request. 

Of course, we back this expertise with exceptional service. You get high-quality video, delivered on time and in multiple formats to suit your needs.


ELMO and Picture-in-Picture Depositions

 Many attorneys are requesting that exhibits be recorded along with the witness at video depositions. We call these Picture-in-Picture (PIP) depositions. During the deposition, the evidence is displayed on video monitors for the witness and counsel during recorded in High-definition (HD) video to deliver crystal clear image to the jury.

Paper documents may be displayed using an Elmo Visual Presenter document camera. The PIP technique is also be used to record the video output from a computer, phone, or tablet.

The savvier attorney uses computer software, such as Trial Director, to quickly display, highlight, and enlarge digital documents and pictures as the witness testifies. Typically a technician provided by us or another attorney or paralegal operates the software.

It is important to make isolated recordings of both the witness and the evidence so that they may also be combined and edited in post-production. The isolated recordings also provide the flexibility of playing just the witness in court without the documents.


Trial Presentation and Video Playback

We work with you to prepare and present powerful visual evidence that wins cases. And we deliver our services with a professionalism that has earned us a national reputation for quality.

Our Hot Seat Operators and Trial Presentation Specialists select equipment that provides cost-effective solutions for the courtroom and case. Equipment is neatly installed and technical support is available throughout the trial.